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Priscilla made this first.

Priscilla took our brilliant idea of creating art that we could then print and then hand paint and embellish to a whole new level with “Windswept” What a great little painting, and wonderful concept.

8.5x11 inch completed print. Version A.

Priscilla spent at least two hours creating this wonderful hand detailed “print”  The one of a kind umbrella is painted directly on version A.  The dress is embellished with silver metallic ink and extreme glitter, and there are various other details she has made.  I just have to show you the other versions.  “Windswept” is definitely one of my favorites.

Version D with pink and blue pearl stripes! What a great umbrella!!

Fabulous umbrella, hand painted with pearl paint, acrylic and little gems applied by hand. The little gems are a fabulous touch in the middle of the flower design on the umbrella.

I love the relief paint ribs on the umbrella, and the little "pearls" and pink peal paint. Bravo Priscilla!!

I love the polka dots. Painted with pearl paint.

Now, let me explain something here. These “versions” are the actual picture a person would receive if they bought the  print. They are one of a kind, and well, if someone bought, say version E. It would be gone. Priscilla might choose to paint another one, but it wouldn’t be exactly the same. She would follow the basic idea of the piece.  If someone wanted to buy 10 version E’s, they could. But each version would be based on version E, and hand painted by Priscilla. That means she would print out ten copies of the one that has no design in the umbrella, and she would then hand paint each umbrella, each dress would be embellished, etc. The same thing goes for the greeting cards. Here are some of the versions of those. (I just discovered if you click on the thumb nail image  it gets big, so you can really see it well!)

5x7 inch greeting card version A

5x7 inch greeting card Version B

5x7 inch greeting card, version C

5x7 inch version D

5x7 inch version F.

As with the larger works, we do exactly the same thing with 5×7 inch cards.  In this case, Priscilla has painted each and every umbrella from being a blank umbrella to being these wonderful little works of art you see here.  So if someone wanted to buy ten version F’s they would get ten cards, that Priscilla has hand painted, based on her version F design. Exchange in abundance, my friends! If you read this blog entry and want to order these fabulous “Windswept” greeting cards, or prints, they are all in our on-line store. We are in the start-up phase, and need all the support we can get! (Also, we do that for any multiple orders of any or our hand made greeting cards or hand-detailed prints. )


Queen of Hearts 8.5x11 inch hand painted and detailed with acrylic, acrylic glitter, relief paint and gems. Original image created by Priscilla Ilasi and print on watercolor paper hand detailed and painted by her.

What can I say about Priscilla.  She is my twenty-eight year old daughter, and has been painting all of six months.(I’ve been painting for over twenty years and I had to do it for years before I was even close to being able to do something like this!!   She hasn’t gone to school to learn how to do this.  She just knows. A natural talent.  (she sings to)  Priscilla’s concepts are wonderful and intense. I think she is a very intense person.

We sit across from each other at the art table.  When she painted this I looked over and actually felt jealous of how wonderful it is!! I just want to let everyone know how she put her heart and soul into it. Not only into the original, but into the hand painted reproductions as well.  Creating art is not hard,  but it does take intensity. It’s like you have to project your powers onto a page.

I want to talk about the print, version A.  The print, which is a reproduction of Priscilla’s original painting is on watercolor paper. We printed it ourselves. Then Priscilla took that print, and painted the hair with acrylic paint, as well as the eyes and lashes. The heart on her head glitters with extreme red glitter paint. (what an amazing paint product that is! It is not like kid’s glitter, it’s this amazing paint that dries hard and sparkly. It can take several coats to really get it to shine. I love the dimension it adds to her work.  ( I use it as well. ) Her necklace in version A is made of gems that Priscilla applied herself. Then the solid red portions of the dress are painted with red acrylic, we have this fabulous red color that is just perfect. And then she has applied a design with more extreme glitter paint. I estimate she put in two to three hours of her intense attention and talent to create this one of a kind print.  She even repainted the skin, to make it just so.

Priscilla has also created greeting cards of  “Queen of Hearts”  The cards are the exact same process, and one might think they take less intensity because they are smaller, but the fact is, they require more precision, and thus more concentration. Not as much space to fill, but the communication has to come out of a smaller space, so you have to pack in more wallop in the miniatures. The cards in fact are real works of art themselves.   Our thoughts were that we could create these fabulous and beautiful cards for people that were works of art in themselves, and they could either send them as a card, to someone really special or they could frame it, as the work of art that it actually is. They are 5×7 inches, on watercolor greeting card paper.  So lovely!

Queen of Hearts, greeting card version C

I love the necklace on this one. It is gold relief paint, with a tiny red gem.  You can see the other versions on our website.

You can see version A in the gift section, under Hand-detailed Prints on page three, and you can see the greeting card version under handmade cards.

Priscilla is an amazing artist! She sat with a toothpick and applied the glitter design to the red portions of this card. I believe she spent at least one hour on the card itself.

by Kathy Poitras,


Birds. 8.5×11 inches, acrylic on watercolor paper. Artist, Priscilla Ilasi. We are all about creating  real art for people of all walks of life at affordable prices.  Not only are we both talented artists, it’s our concept and process that is so unique. In fact it is so unique that we are finding that people don’t really get it right away. (I think it’s too good to be true, but it is true)  So I thought I would create a blog about each piece.

What really goes into each piece really makes each print, each card, an affordable work of art.  We tried to take into consideration that people need and want some real beauty and art in their lives, but not everyone can afford the original paintings.  So we came up with a delightful concept.  It is the concept of an originalprint. I don’t really know what to call it, because it is part print and part original. Our hand-made cards and hand detailed prints both fall under this category.  What has evolved is each one has taken on it’s own unique identity, with our love and precision not only in the original creation, but then continuing on into each and every print and hand made card of that original creation. This is done by the artist herself, not by anyone else.  All created in our own little in home studio.

Birds: Version A. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper. Hand painted flowers and swirls. hand applied gems, and feathers in acrylic, metallic ink and glitter.

Birds: Version B. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper. hand painted leaves and vines, feathers done in acrylic, metallics and glitter. One of a kind.

"Birds" version C. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper.Hand painted leaves with gold ink, and feathers are a combination of acrylic, metallic ink and glitter.

As well as prints, we create special one of a kind greeting cards using the same process.

5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version A (hand detailed by Priscilla)


5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version B (hand detailed by Priscilla)

5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version C5x7 inch, one of a kind greeting card version D