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8.5x11 inch hand painted, cross between a print and an original painting by Kathy Poitras, on watercolor paper

The inspiration was a combination of seeing my niece Julia, and her hubby. They had just recently arrived after living in Florida for years.  They are so in love and inspiring,  Julia’s mother also got me a book for my birthday. An Art Nouveau book.  She noticed me gravitate towards it when we were out shopping for Julia’s baby shower.  The combination of these two things got me in the above mood.  As with all of our prints on watercolor paper, I painted “Stardust”  with the idea that all the reproductions would have added paint and details.  On this print, I used extreme glitter paint. It dries hard and really catches the light. I also used fingernail sequins to trim her dress, and molding paste with black paint added to make the button on her shoe and the black accent on her heel and toe. Also the button in the middle of the flower on her shoe. I glued the blue gems to the top and back of her dress, and in the middle of the flower in her hair is a flower shaped gem thingy I found at the dollar store.  It’s sort of “scrap booking meets art”

These are a joy to make!

I also took the same care and attention to the 5×7 inch greeting cards I made of this image.

5x7 inch greeting card version A. Vretaed and hand painted by Kathy

Greeting card B, hand painted and detailed by the artist.

5x7 inch greeting card version C. Hand painted and detailed by the artist.


Queen of Hearts 8.5x11 inch hand painted and detailed with acrylic, acrylic glitter, relief paint and gems. Original image created by Priscilla Ilasi and print on watercolor paper hand detailed and painted by her.

What can I say about Priscilla.  She is my twenty-eight year old daughter, and has been painting all of six months.(I’ve been painting for over twenty years and I had to do it for years before I was even close to being able to do something like this!!   She hasn’t gone to school to learn how to do this.  She just knows. A natural talent.  (she sings to)  Priscilla’s concepts are wonderful and intense. I think she is a very intense person.

We sit across from each other at the art table.  When she painted this I looked over and actually felt jealous of how wonderful it is!! I just want to let everyone know how she put her heart and soul into it. Not only into the original, but into the hand painted reproductions as well.  Creating art is not hard,  but it does take intensity. It’s like you have to project your powers onto a page.

I want to talk about the print, version A.  The print, which is a reproduction of Priscilla’s original painting is on watercolor paper. We printed it ourselves. Then Priscilla took that print, and painted the hair with acrylic paint, as well as the eyes and lashes. The heart on her head glitters with extreme red glitter paint. (what an amazing paint product that is! It is not like kid’s glitter, it’s this amazing paint that dries hard and sparkly. It can take several coats to really get it to shine. I love the dimension it adds to her work.  ( I use it as well. ) Her necklace in version A is made of gems that Priscilla applied herself. Then the solid red portions of the dress are painted with red acrylic, we have this fabulous red color that is just perfect. And then she has applied a design with more extreme glitter paint. I estimate she put in two to three hours of her intense attention and talent to create this one of a kind print.  She even repainted the skin, to make it just so.

Priscilla has also created greeting cards of  “Queen of Hearts”  The cards are the exact same process, and one might think they take less intensity because they are smaller, but the fact is, they require more precision, and thus more concentration. Not as much space to fill, but the communication has to come out of a smaller space, so you have to pack in more wallop in the miniatures. The cards in fact are real works of art themselves.   Our thoughts were that we could create these fabulous and beautiful cards for people that were works of art in themselves, and they could either send them as a card, to someone really special or they could frame it, as the work of art that it actually is. They are 5×7 inches, on watercolor greeting card paper.  So lovely!

Queen of Hearts, greeting card version C

I love the necklace on this one. It is gold relief paint, with a tiny red gem.  You can see the other versions on our website.

You can see version A in the gift section, under Hand-detailed Prints on page three, and you can see the greeting card version under handmade cards.

Priscilla is an amazing artist! She sat with a toothpick and applied the glitter design to the red portions of this card. I believe she spent at least one hour on the card itself.

by Kathy Poitras,


8.5x11 inches. ink, gems, pearl paint. Original print created by Kathy Poitras.

Who am I?

pachyderm or butterfly?

Lady bug watching,

Flowers fly by.

Of all my images, I love this one the most. The elephant and butterfly. I love working on the hand-made prints, and enjoy dressing up my pachyderm, with gems and pearl paint. I love the way it looks, on the watercolor paper. With my pearl paint here, and my gems over there.  Picking just the right ones for each piece is such a treat.  People who know me well know I am really five years old in my heart, and this picture really proves it! I wanted to express imagination with this piece. I am also extremely fond of the characters in it.  I really must make more of these. I am almost out. Here are a few of my 5×7 inch greeting card, (or frame for yourself) hand detailed works of art.  I made them in card form, so that people could send something extra special in the mail, but they really are small works of art, deserving to be framed and hung.