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Star Dust 16x20 inches acrylic,beads trimming the dress, extreme glitter and a button on the shoe. Inspired by my smaller ink version on watercolor paper.

I am working on a series of 16×20 inch paintings. I have been spending more time in the studio, and want to incorporate my great ideas that I use in my greeting cards into the paintings. I love the little bead clusters I sewed into the canvas, in the flower on the shoe and the hair. I also trimmed the dress with red beads, and added extreme glitter to the shoe. My intention is to create many such paintings that are affordable , yet valuable, and easy for people to own.


8.5x11 inch hand painted, cross between a print and an original painting by Kathy Poitras, on watercolor paper

The inspiration was a combination of seeing my niece Julia, and her hubby. They had just recently arrived after living in Florida for years.  They are so in love and inspiring,  Julia’s mother also got me a book for my birthday. An Art Nouveau book.  She noticed me gravitate towards it when we were out shopping for Julia’s baby shower.  The combination of these two things got me in the above mood.  As with all of our prints on watercolor paper, I painted “Stardust”  with the idea that all the reproductions would have added paint and details.  On this print, I used extreme glitter paint. It dries hard and really catches the light. I also used fingernail sequins to trim her dress, and molding paste with black paint added to make the button on her shoe and the black accent on her heel and toe. Also the button in the middle of the flower on her shoe. I glued the blue gems to the top and back of her dress, and in the middle of the flower in her hair is a flower shaped gem thingy I found at the dollar store.  It’s sort of “scrap booking meets art”

These are a joy to make!

I also took the same care and attention to the 5×7 inch greeting cards I made of this image.

5x7 inch greeting card version A. Vretaed and hand painted by Kathy

Greeting card B, hand painted and detailed by the artist.

5x7 inch greeting card version C. Hand painted and detailed by the artist.