8.5x11 inches. ink, gems, pearl paint. Original print created by Kathy Poitras.

Who am I?

pachyderm or butterfly?

Lady bug watching,

Flowers fly by.

Of all my images, I love this one the most. The elephant and butterfly. I love working on the hand-made prints, and enjoy dressing up my pachyderm, with gems and pearl paint. I love the way it looks, on the watercolor paper. With my pearl paint here, and my gems over there.  Picking just the right ones for each piece is such a treat.  People who know me well know I am really five years old in my heart, and this picture really proves it! I wanted to express imagination with this piece. I am also extremely fond of the characters in it.  I really must make more of these. I am almost out. Here are a few of my 5×7 inch greeting card, (or frame for yourself) hand detailed works of art.  I made them in card form, so that people could send something extra special in the mail, but they really are small works of art, deserving to be framed and hung.  www.poitrasartcards.com


Birds. 8.5×11 inches, acrylic on watercolor paper. Artist, Priscilla Ilasi. We are all about creating  real art for people of all walks of life at affordable prices.  Not only are we both talented artists, it’s our concept and process that is so unique. In fact it is so unique that we are finding that people don’t really get it right away. (I think it’s too good to be true, but it is true)  So I thought I would create a blog about each piece.

What really goes into each piece really makes each print, each card, an affordable work of art.  We tried to take into consideration that people need and want some real beauty and art in their lives, but not everyone can afford the original paintings.  So we came up with a delightful concept.  It is the concept of an originalprint. I don’t really know what to call it, because it is part print and part original. Our hand-made cards and hand detailed prints both fall under this category.  What has evolved is each one has taken on it’s own unique identity, with our love and precision not only in the original creation, but then continuing on into each and every print and hand made card of that original creation. This is done by the artist herself, not by anyone else.  All created in our own little in home studio.


Birds: Version A. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper. Hand painted flowers and swirls. hand applied gems, and feathers in acrylic, metallic ink and glitter.

Birds: Version B. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper. hand painted leaves and vines, feathers done in acrylic, metallics and glitter. One of a kind.

"Birds" version C. 81/2x11 inch print on watercolor paper.Hand painted leaves with gold ink, and feathers are a combination of acrylic, metallic ink and glitter.

As well as prints, we create special one of a kind greeting cards using the same process.

5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version A (hand detailed by Priscilla)


5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version B (hand detailed by Priscilla)

5x7 inch one of a kind greeting card version C5x7 inch, one of a kind greeting card version D