8.5x11 inches. ink, gems, pearl paint. Original print created by Kathy Poitras.

Who am I?

pachyderm or butterfly?

Lady bug watching,

Flowers fly by.

Of all my images, I love this one the most. The elephant and butterfly. I love working on the hand-made prints, and enjoy dressing up my pachyderm, with gems and pearl paint. I love the way it looks, on the watercolor paper. With my pearl paint here, and my gems over there.  Picking just the right ones for each piece is such a treat.  People who know me well know I am really five years old in my heart, and this picture really proves it! I wanted to express imagination with this piece. I am also extremely fond of the characters in it.  I really must make more of these. I am almost out. Here are a few of my 5×7 inch greeting card, (or frame for yourself) hand detailed works of art.  I made them in card form, so that people could send something extra special in the mail, but they really are small works of art, deserving to be framed and hung.  www.poitrasartcards.com